Design System

Abstrakt Marketing Group

About the Project

Abstrakt Marketing Group was expanding their creative agency to offer website design and development services. Abstrakt hired me to help the team strengthen their design and improve their processes between overlapping departments.


Increase Effeciency

By systemizing components and creating templates, the designers could design faster.

Elevate Graphic Designers

This design system needed to be a helpful tool for training other designers with no web experience.

Enhance Designs

The department already had some designs in place. I was tasked with enhancing and improving the legacy designs.

Development Handoff

Fix the design to development communication and process. Upon being hired, shared text documents were the primary tool of choice.

Advance Process

Watch and observe the process for a websites project lifecycle. Fix any noticeable pain points, introduce new software, or anything necessary to advance the process.

The Solution

The current design system and process for abstract has taken huge leaps of improvement from when By introducing modern software and fixing process pain points, Abstract ended up with a much smoother process that people are happy with.

Some of the most noticeable results
  • Improved efficiency of designing a website mockup by 300%
  • Junior designers with no web experience are able to easily create mockups within our development framework.
  • Eliminated unnecessary custom design and divergences
  • Increased accuracy of development team implementation
  • Fixed communication pain points between departments

Tools used


Sketch for design mock ups and creating a design symbol library, replacing Adobe XD.


Since sketch imports to Sigma, supporting both platforms wasn't hard to do.


A super helpful design to development hand off tool. Help your developers implement accurately with Zeplin.


An instant messaging platform for the team to communicate on. Slack helped reduce unnecessary emails and meetings.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative cloud is amazing for jump starting designs. Adobe stock and templates help increase output when you need to output copious amounts of creative work.