Web design

Educa Worldwide

About the Project

Educa Worldwide had an established business and branding, but was missing an online presence. They hired me and my design partner to build them a website that communicated their business and services.


Great UI Design

The main stakeholder of the company was the primary art director for this project. He provided great design reference that inspired this project.

Responsive Web Design

Pretty obvious, but still an outlined goal for this project. The website needed to support small, medium, and large devices.

Content Management

We used WordPress with Advanced Custom Fields to manage the content. ACF is amazing for any WordPress work, and the pro version is a must have.

Mail Chimp Integration

To promote the mailing list and potentially gain new subscribers, Educa wanted a feature on the site to allow users to opt in.

Language Translation

Again, Advanced Custom Fields is is amazing for any WordPress work. This WordPress plugin even offers a multi-lingual feature.

The Solution

The final product is a fully custom WordPress theme that is easily updated with Advanced Custom Fields. All the features were injected to the website from the requirements outlined from the stake holder. It's got mailchimp, responsive design, great UI, language translation, a blog, everything. This project was absolutely a complete success. The team was happy and the client was blown away.

Tools used


The world's most popular front-end component library. Bootstrap, or a front-end framework is essential for smooth rapid development.

Font Awesome

Our timeline was tight, (two weeks in fact) so there was no time for custom. To beef up the UI and provide necessary iconography quickly, we opted for Font Awesome.


Making leaner style sheets with the CSS pre-processor LESS. It's pretty much impossible to go back to vanilla CSS after using a pre-processor.


Web sites are made of lots of things — frameworks, libraries, assets, and utilities. Bower manages all these things for you.


Grunt is a a tool used automatically perform frequent tasks such as minification and compilation.