Web Application

My Compliance Wizard

About the Project

My Compliance Wizard — owned by Busy Event — is an application on the market that allows users to search an index of compliance records across the globe. Primarily used by medical professionals and event planners to research compliance information for travel. Busy Event approached me and an engineer to redesign and redevelop their platform with modern technology.


Refresh UI

The existing user base was unhappy with the platform. My Compliance Wizard needed to update the usability of their app to retain their users and keep them happy.

Responsive Design

Many of the complaints from users were that the app was unresponsive and essentially unusable outside of large devices.

Browser Support

The platfrom was going to be using new frameworks, but still needed to support specific browsers such as: IE 10+, Firefox 22+, Safari 6+, and Chrome 32+.

The Solution

My Compliance Wizard was fully refreshed. The overall influence of the design was inspired by material guidelines. The final result is a beautiful and useful tool for searching compliance information.
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Tools used


Angular was the backbone of this application. We used Angular JS, Angular Material, and Angular Material Icons.


Gulp is used for automating and running tasks. For this project, Gulp helped to compile code, build the project, and run browsersync for local testing.


Sass is a CSS pre-processor. Using it extended CSS with a lot of great features such as variables, mixins, and functions.