VS Keeper

About the Project

A friend and I are Pokémon franchise and trading card game hobbyists. After becoming familiar with the game, we recognized building and sharing deck list ideas was difficult. An idea sparked and we immediately started prototyping out what it would be like if that tool existed.


Community Support

This application was dependent on the acceptance of the community. We needed beta testers, users to interview, promoters, and so on.

Regular Updates

The platform had to be updated monthly with the release of a new cards, game formats, and list of banned cards.

Multi-Platform Support

Based on user interviews and beta testing, we needed to support iOS, Android, and desktop devices.

Deck List Builder

Users needed to search cards and build a deck with 60 cards.

Card Search

After interviewing users, we learned players constantly search cards for new ideas.

Collaborative Feedback

Getting feedback in the Pokémon trading card game from other players is crucial. By adding share features, users can get validation on ideas.

Choose your Pokémon!

The Solution

The final project was a hybrid app that ported to iOS, Android, and web from a single code base using Meteor. We started with user interviews, gauging what the community would think if a tool like VS Keeper existed. Then we built a prototype, moved to development, and reiterated until we finished the app.

Tools used


We wanted to get our ideas out and validate them quickly. Marvel is amazing for building paper or high-fidelity prototypes.


Since there was a lot of specific imagery and icons for the app, it made sense to build views in sketch instead of paper.


After the prototype was validated, a scraper built with node.js scanned the Pokémon website and exported all the data to .json objects.


With the .json objects, the next step was to scaffold the database for injecting data into our app.


This is the powerhouse of the entire application. Meteor was easy and helpful for making the app support multiple platforms.


Ionicons is a library of native mobile icons. The collection categories include iOS, Android, and Ionicons.